What toys are generally dangerous for our children?

Well, based on the Consumer Product Safety Commission it seems their are many toys that hurt kids. For now I’m going to give you some of the rising injury statistics published last year by the CPSC. Afterwords, we will dive into what specific products hurt thee most kids.

kids scooter injury & safety

Kids need to wear protective gear on scooters for safety

Toy-Related Emergency Department Treated Injury Estimates  – 2005-2009

Calendar Year All Ages Less Than 15 Less than 5
2005 202,300 152,400 72,800
2006 220,500 165,100 78,400
2007 232,900 170,100 80,200
2008 235,300 172,700 82,300
2009 250,100 185,900 90,600

This gives you an idea of how many toy injuries happen in the USA each year. The top supplier of kids to the emergency room is trampolines with 109,522 trampoline injuries reported in 2007. The majority of emergency room incidents occurred due to colliding with another person on the trampoline, landing improperly while jumping on or off the trampoline, or falling on the trampoline springs or frame.

In 2009, riding toys, including non-motorized scooters, continued to be associated with more emergency department treated injuries among all ages (83,400 or 33 percent) than any other category of toy. Non-motorized scooters were associated with 59,400 (71 percent) of the estimated riding toy-related injuries. The toy category with the next largest estimated number of injuries (9,900 or 4 percent) was flying toys.

If you’re buying your kid a scooter or bicycle for Christmas this year PLEASE, PLEASE buy a helmet and pads.  This is a much cheaper investment than the ER room.  What other toys do you think parents should watch out for this Christmas? Here is a quick list of “10 toy tips to keep your baby safe” that you should before you shop for the little ones too.

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