Top 10 Christmas Maternity Portraits – Happy Holidays

A friend of mine just shared a really cute Christmas family portrait sessions with me.  It reminded me of being pregnant during the holidays.  I started scouring the internet looking for the cutest maternity pictures I’ve ever seen.  I could have picked a 100 but I narrowed it down to the top 10.  I was happy enough to get this list narrowed down to 10 after looking at probably 1,000 of these things.  I plan on doing this every year about this time.

At the end of this page their will be a place to vote on your favorite photo.  The winner will win the “People’s choice award for Christmas Maternity Photography” as long as their is at least 100 total votes in the survey.

This is my first annual Top 10 Christmas Maternity Photos in North America for 2010. If you want to be entered or considered for next year please send me your photo by 12/8/2011 for next years contest at babynoises (at) gmail (dot) com.  The first 10 photography submissions for the 2011 award are free, after that the cost will be $20 per photo submitted. Hope you enjoy and the photos put a smile on your face.

10. Jennifer Catherine with J Catherine Photography from Greenville, SC took this great Christmas family portrait.  It’s always good to include the other child in the portrait with your baby bump.

Christmas family portraits while pregnant

Christmas family portraits while pregnant in the fall

9.Trisha Faber over at Faber Photography took this stunning Christmas maternity photo including the ultrasound of the new baby, Evan. We all know how proud moms can be of their ultrasound photos and what a great way to capture it.

Christmas Maternity portraits ultrasound

Display your baby bump and your ultrasound this Christmas

8. Jacqueline Stetson took this cute image of a pregnant mom with her young daughter sticking her tongue out.  Really captures the playfulness of the family I’m sure.

Christmas Maternity portraits daughter

A young daughter with her pregnant Mom at Christmas

7. Madchen Studios took this wintery wonderland maternity photo from Alberta, Canada.  I love the sincerity of the  husband as he rubs his wife’s belly.

snow holidays pregnant portraits couple

A husband caresses his wife's belly in the snow

6. Julie Stephens at Calotype Photography from Joplin, Missouri took this endearing image of a couple’s first Christmas while with child.  I remember my first one, nothing as precious as knowing the next Christmas their will be 3 in the family instead of just the two of you.

Christmas Pregnant photography first child

The anticipation of their first child at Christmas

5. Heather & Lindsay are photographers based out of London & Toronto, Ontario for HRM Photography.  This festive holiday portrait captures a mother making a snow angel. This mom must be cold, but she sure doesn’t look like it.

snow angel pregnant mother - Christmas

Nothing like making a snow angel with your unborn baby 🙂

4. Melissa Vandermause from Galleria Vivid Photography from Connecticut took this head turning portrait of a beautiful pregnant belly over at Hillstead museum in Farmington.  The lighting, colors, and composition just jump from the page.

christmas pregnant pictures

A pregnant mother with "Our Blessing" written on her

3. Lucy Literna with Lucy Literna Photography from Toronto, Ontario capture this one.  You can feel her commercial photography background has a positive influence on her maternity portraits.

christmas pregnant photography santa outfit

Letter blocks wish a Merry Christmas for the expecting mother

2.Shey Marin of Shey Marin Photography from made sure to capture her own special Christmas baby moment.  Trust me, photographers have very high standards when it comes to photography of themselves.

snow holidays Maternity portraits

Self Portrait of an expecting photographer at Christmas

1. I saved my favorite one for last.  Of course at the end of this blog you can all vote for your favorite from the above 10.  Dolly of Dolly G Photography from Massachusetts took this “Hands shaped like a heart” photo. It captures the closeness of the couple and the love for their unborn child in a perfectly composed photograph.

Christmas Maternity photos heart

Christmas Maternity photos - hands shaped like a heart

Feel free to vote for you favorite so we can award the photographer the “People’s choice award for Christmas Maternity Photography” for 2010.  Please vote below.

Maternity Christmas award 2010 by Baby NoisesIf you want to link to these amazing photographs or proudly display that you were featured as one of the top 10 Christmas Maternity portraits feel free to use our badge and just link to this page. Voting ends on 12/31/2010.

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11 Responses to Top 10 Christmas Maternity Portraits – Happy Holidays

  1. Shirley Cafro says:

    Love the pics

  2. Dawn Harkins says:

    Awesome pictures by JCatherine Photography.

  3. Michelle says:

    Love the mom doing a snow angel from HRM photography, never seen one like this before!! So cute!!

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  5. Erin says:

    I love that you made a website for these! My belly is number 1! 🙂 I loved the maternity pictures that Dolly did!! My daughter just turned 1 so it was great to see this picture posted and hear about this website on her birthday!!

    • Molly Gilroy says:

      Glad Dolly took a picture of you too 🙂 your lucite definitely seems to be to peoples favorite. Only 14 more days before the winner will be announced, can’t wait to see who wins! Congrats on your baby turning one and have a Merry Christmas Erin!

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  7. Rosaura says:

    Hello, sincerely my favorit is number 7, why?
    The love with my husband and baby is the most important in my like.

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