Grandpa the Internet Mogul

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

When my grandpa learned how to use the internet a few years ago, I never imagined that he would be a computer expert and really efficient at getting things done on-line. When he first got the internet, I tried to show him how to do things. Grandpa would get frustrated because he said that I was “going too fast.” I thought that I was going way to slow. I decided to get him the “Internet for Dummies.” One week later, he did not need anymore help or ask me any questions. He even started an Ebay business after he bought “Ebay for Dummies”. Now anytime my parents need help with the internet they call him. Grandpa found my parents a way to cut their monthly overhead by using the internet. He searched all the utility sites that were available on-line including, . He has moved all of his banking and bills on-line. Grandpa has also taught my parents and his friends how to use the internet. He insists that he would have been an internet mogul if he was born in my generation!

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