Buying that T-shirt that tells the women you’re a Dad

Once you have a baby as a married man it’s a clear indicator to all single woman that you are now “officially” taken.  You are a family man, BUT you are silly and act like a kid most of the time.  What you need to do now is go buy a a few mens tshirts that proclaim to the world that you are proud to be a father.  Here are just a few shirts that scream it out loud:

  1. A shirt that is printed with a baby in a pouch on your shirt
  2. Dad, the behind the Belly.
  3. I’m going to be a dad….. AGAIN…
  4. Being a father is great, now I have a reason to play video games.
  5. New Dad
  6. A shirt with your baby’s feet printed on them
  7. Baby Daddy
  8. Numerous bad ones that involve babies and beer (sign you’re a bad father)
  9. It’s a boy, it’s a girl ones
  10. Yep, She’s already got me wrapped around her finger.

Another advantage os having these nice soft tshirts is it can help your baby fall asleep.  Throw one of those bad boys in the crib and watch the baby snuggle to it since it smells like you.  Hard to do that with button up dress shirt (since the baby can pull off the buttons and choke)….. Can we say “safety hazard”.

What are your favorite tshirts that new dad’s wear?

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