Babies require owning a steam cleaner or working with a professional

Having a baby is the hardest thing most people will ever experience. I never imagined how messy such a small baby could be, seemed like I was always asking my friends for furniture cleaning tips! During meal times was a personal nightmare for me because I had not put any thought into the new luxury carpets I had laid down throughout the house before the arrival of our baby, Thomas.

My latest birthday featured a silk rug as one of my gifts from my husband something I had always desired for our family home. I was know looking at it wondering if Thomas didn’t like it as he had just thrown his dinner over half of the rug. It didn’t have the same beautiful appeal it did pre-apple sauce addition. After scrubbing the carpet for well over an hour I decided that was not a day well spent for me and I should instead hire someone who knew what they were putting onto my beautiful rugs and carpets.

I was never into cleaning if I am being honest. I wondered if there was just one person I could get to do all the carpets and rugs for me instead without it becoming a project. Luckily for me my mom had just had her entire home cleaned to the point I thought she had fitted several new carpets in since our last visit a week ago! Not a fan of spending hours on the phone I was able to log onto to sort out a competitive quote from them and once I was happy with the price even arrange the appointment. Now that was an efficient hour spent and not on my hands and knees scrubbing carpets as I had first imagined.

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