It’s Me or the Dog

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

I just rescued a new yellow lab puppy named Emma and I am in love. Deeply in love. She is my new pride and joy. One of the many challenges I am faced with is training this new adorable puppy of mine. Since the day I brought her home, she has been running around the house trying to find something she can chew on or make a mess of. I have quickly learned that training Emma will take time and willpower. Through my package, I found a show called “It’s Me or the Dog” that features the highly respected dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell. I have started watching the show and implementing the tricks with Emma. One of the main points Victoria makes in her show is that the owner must be consistent with the dog in order to successfully train them into the perfect companion. I have learned that Emma responds best to treats, which I guess I don’t blame her! Every day, we spend thirty minutes or so watching Victoria’s show and practicing the new tricks. Hopefully soon she will become the perfect little puppy that I know she is capable of being!

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