Picker Sisters

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

My roommate Rachel and I decided to delve into redecorating our house. Our previous décor was simple. So simple, I feel that it wouldn’t even be considered décor. Everything was neutral (rugs, couches, bedding), the walls were almost completely bare, and we had no window coverings (gosh that’s embarrassing to admit). So basically, we had to start from scratch. We’ve both spent the last several Saturdays antique shopping, and I’ve done a good bit of shopping (some like to call it stealing) in my grandmother’s basement. We’re going for vintage-chic, industrial and funky. The other day I was flipping through Direct Tv and came across the show Picker Sisters. If you haven’t seen it, you should look it up because I’m in love! It’s two friends that drive around the country and pick through junk yards for antique farm gear to repurpose and send to their shop in Los Angles. They’ll take some old rusty plow and make it into a base for a beautiful vintage couch, and then I’m sure they’ll sell it for thousands of dollars. Our house has a long way to go, but I think we can use some Picker Sisters idea and adapt them to a smaller scale.

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