Having a baby in the winter makes them smarter, but hurts you regardless

By choosing to have a baby during the winter your child is typically the oldest in their class and it gives them a maturity advantage over their peers. Studies have claimed that babies born in October, November and December are likely to live longer than those born in the summer also. But even if you have a winning baby what kind of effects does it have on you:

In a recent UK survey where over 2,000 parents questioned they discovered a few startling statistics:

  • 49% said they have put on weight
  • 40% exercise less
  • 22% get ill more often (children are known disease carriers)
  • 49% spend less time with their partner
  • 58% have less sex (why would you want sex when you know what it can bring you now….children)

Hey, but having children can help your career right?…. WRONG:


  • 25% said they had stopped working
  • 5% said they no longer expected to be promoted (can’t put in the late hours when you have to be home to pick up Johnny from practice)
  • 4% said they worked more effectively (they have less time, they have to be)
  • 6% that they were more focused and ambitious since having children (They have to be to pay for their college education.

Of course you can always gamble and hope that by having more kids you increase the chance of one of them becoming incredibly successful financially and buying you a house in the Hamptons and a boat. But, speaking from personal experience, you probably need to take care of that yourself.


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