Babies are a Treasure that is Worth All Life’s Pressure

Having a baby is probably the most fulfilling moment in a couple’s life. These happy moments, however, are coupled with lots of sacrifices that they will have to go through raising their kid. (All of us mothers know it’s worth the sacrifices).

tired mom yawning baby sleeping

Tired mom yawning in a rocking chair while baby is sleeping

Right after birth to at least two years, the couple will be deprived of sleep attending to their little angel’s needs like feeding every other two hours or so and changing soiled diapers. This can be real hard to both the parents especially when they are both holding an office job. As we all know, deficiency in sleep can cause anyone out of focus and concentration of their job duties which is quite detrimental to the parents’ mental health.

To avoid this problem, they can hire a babysitter one time a week or so to relieve their fatigue and sleepiness. Tending to the baby’s needs is quite satisfying despite the entire physical struggle to maintain at least an hour’s sleep. But once the baby has overcome those tedious months, they will start to have a normal sleep time pattern reducing the sleep-wake cycle. Because of this, the parents will not be forced to wake up every so often. This does not mean that they will now have a peaceful sleep though. If the family shares in one bed, there may be times where the baby turns like a spinning top while sleeping causing the parents sore with blows here and there upon waking up. All of these physical struggles are worth it especially when the baby smiles and chuckles in such an endearing way. Having a baby is real treasure that can fade off all of life’s pressure.

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