Are High Deductible insurance policies a good choice for babies

I remember how often we went to the doctors office when my first son was born. We were nervous about anything an took him if he had a fever over 100 degrees or his stomach was hurting him badly. Now with the last of my 4 children, we took her to the ER last time only after she stuck some hairpins in the electrical socket and turned her fingernails black from shock.

As you know, you relax quite a bit from your firstborn to your 4th one. Today’s blog is going to be about expensive low deductible health plans for your babies vs high deductible plans.

From personal experience I would suggest a plan that at least allows you to take your child 5x a year to your doctor with a copy. Even high deductible plans offer choices to let you have a few doctors visits without paying full price.

Since my husband is self employed we have had high deductible insurance for 5 years. What I have learned is that your public school’s accident policy is a great add on to any policy you have. We have spent less than a $1,000 total on these school accident policies and had them payout over $50K so I would highly recommend them.

It all depends on if you can afford a surprise upfront payment of $1,500 vs a higher monthly payment. If you can tuck the $ away for a rainy day these policies can be more economical. We are savers and budgets so the high deductible policy worked for us.


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